Here are some interesting/funny/badass links for your viewing pleasure:

dmac at The Fightins had a nice little Playoff Diary Post, which includes Kyle Kendrick’s new job, and lots and lots of Tommy Lasorda bashing. I’m all for Lasorda bashing. Anyone who hates the Philly Phanatic is pretty much an asshole in my book.

Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams seems to believe that our All Star second baseman, Chase Utley, is playing hurt. I can see that, as Utley isn’t the kind of guy who is going to make excuses, or pull himself from a game if he can still play through it. Although, I had just figured that he was just dead tired due to the fact that he didn’t get many off days this year, after coming off hip surgery after the ’08 season…

Apparently, Manny Ramirez couldn’t stand to watch the conclusion of the exciting Game 4 in Philly…or wait, maybe he just wanted to shower before the rest of the guys came in so that he could hide his shrunken testicles…Remember kids, Manny isn’t Manny without a needle in his fanny. (If anybody knows where I can find the picture of the guy holding that sign, please let me know. Pretty please.)

Bill Baer over at Crashburn Alley goes all FJM on a recent article by Buzz Bissinger, who is pretty pissed at Billy Beane and all the Moneyball guys. Bill Baer is a much smarter guy than me, and I’ll leave all that sabermetric stuff to him…Take a gander here.

Pat Gallen over at Phillies Nation had a pretty nice post up about witnessing the dramatic game 4 in person, and it’s definitely worth a read.


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